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Spoonstreet tied on the winningcar

Gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2019 om 16:45

Today was a match against Spoonstreet. Last weeks we were a bit rusty in our play. But happy today we were best complete. Everyone was having sentence in the game and selfs the trainer had no caretakings. Everyone was up time but Jeep must pay for bitterballs. 

When the referee flute his little flute... the match started under much wind.The balls didn't came on and we could not find our withplayers. It was weather a bad start from our silk.


Shit dit is moeilijk!

From the beginning it was very bad from our side. We gave not away much chances, but we were not in state to make self danger. A lot of long balls were for the Spoonstriet keeper. The space lay on the sideside and Martijn & Denny runde if a mad dog but no ball came on.

After ongefeather 20 minutes there was a first chance for us. Outendly it was Rick Hefromtheman who scored a wonderful goal from 25 meter with a nice lob outside the sixteen in the far hook. It was a heavy game for us but Spoonstriet was nowhere and Ronald Fromtheskipper had nothing to do.


In the rust Jeep came in, he was burned to show his arts. Not for nothing his bodyspell is 'It can still!' and so he went for the field to make war with Spoonstreet. We could calculate on Jeep & Peen to make goalpoint and selfs Jochem fell in to so he did not play for bacon & beans. He was very important in finding justweight on the middlefield. The first 10 minutes from the second half were for Spoonstreet but there-after we names initiative. It shoots no meter up but we began to play better. That was the drup that let the bucket overfloat and we scored another six times.

We thought at outselfs 'We are not crazy Henkie' so we put our shoulders under it and delivered the points on our coach. 


Next month is november and that is always the same song with the coach. He is not there because he has to play Black Pete but we can beerbike to him flat before he goes farhoming. Please let us downspeak that he can write on his belly that we lose points in november an do a throw at the winter championship!


Dear Rob, much fun next month and don't be a wise nose or a face like a vagina when you come back.

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